ComControl – Prepaid Communication

The worldwide market for prepaid services continues to surge, and having a prepaid solution that is easy to use and can be tailored to your meet your customers’ exact needs helps you capture market share.

CPDI’s ComControl is a real-time rating and charging platform for voice and data services complete with a wide range of revenue-generating functionality for markets such as

  • fixed line
  • mobile
  • VoIP
  • calling cards
  • Internet

With built-in fraud detection and bad debt collection, Triple A functionality, plus the ability to layer applications, ComControl offers the value and simplicity of a self-contained solution, helping local and independent service providers deliver a range of prepaid and postpaid services.

With ComControl from CPDI, local and independent operators can tap into converging digital markets with reduced risk, lower costs and shorter time to market.  Our ComControl solution provides robust services that incorporate the latest features such as seamless roaming, access to next generation voice and data services, easy options for replenishing accounts, and the flexibility to create customer loyalty programs and customized marketing campaigns.

All the software features available in ComControl are provided in the core offering including the most extensive rating options available in the market for both voice and Internet applications, plus a wide range of features including all the following and much more:

• Fraud Control • Bad Debt Recovery
• Voicemail • Least cost routing
• Multilingual customizable voice prompts • Custom message of the day & message broadcast
• Speed call options • Warning expiration times & notices
• Reorigination/follow-on calls • “No card” accounts (AutoCard)
• Questionnaires • Operator default
• Multiple recharge & activation options • Origination/destination number blocking

With a modular “pay as you grow” architecture, ComControl supports the option to start small and add services and capacity as needed to help manage the costs and risk.

Use ComControl to deliver bundled prepaid services to universal accounts and gain:

  • Revenue growth and assurance
  • Competitive advantage
  • High ROI
Learn more about using ComControl for Mobile Money transactions.