Since its inception in 1992, CPDI (Communications Products Development, Inc.) has pioneered a broad range of software, platform, and hosted communications products and services to hundreds of customers in over 40 countries worldwide. Our patented, multi-level rating and fraud control engine for prepaid billing helps bridge the way to next generation networks while leveraging existing investments.

CPDI built its business by developing and implementing complex systems to meet customer requirements for measuring and billing services with specialized fraud detection and bad debt collection. Our engineers are the best in the business, traveling the world to install, train, support and update systems that perform flawlessly for many years.

Today our customers are tasking us to provide an even wider range of features, platforms, and professional services in support of their business requirements. Service providers must simultaneously satisfy their business and residential customer needs with reduced costs per transaction, while creating new services and revenue streams. As a proven and reliable partner, CPDI is providing the business solutions that are required to achieve those goals.