Increased competition and ever-advancing new technologies are eroding margins and eliminating traditional revenue streams for telecom service providers.


The CPDI Advantage suite of solutions offers providers a means to secure customer loyalty around their core voice offering, derive new revenue streams from the existing customer base, and attract a new, larger population of customers.

Mobile Money

The CPDI Mobile Money solution provides the opportunity to gain new incremental revenue streams beyond voice while attracting new customers across consumer, corporate and government segments.  Mobile Money will enable providers to offer their customers the opportunity to participate in the following types of financial transactions without the need for a bank account or credit card:


  • Participate in ecommerce
  • Easily transfer money from one account to another (such as between family members, employee paychecks, or government social aid>
  • Purchase goods and services from retailers (which could be a shop, mobile canteen, a bus or taxi proprietor, or even utility bills )


CPDI’s ComControl is a real-time rating and charging platform for voice and data services complete with a wide range of revenue-generating functionality.  ComControl offers the value and simplicity of a self-contained solution, helping local and independent service providers deliver a range of prepaid and postpaid services that incorporate the latest features such as seamless roaming, access to next generation voice and data services, easy options for replenishing accounts, and the flexibility to create customer loyalty programs and customized marketing campaigns.


CPDI has the expertise to engineer a solution that best meets your requirements. With a highly stable, secure and efficient platform to work from, we can also provide customization for a host of unique requirements, that best suits your needs.