The CPDI Advantage

Markets are converging for consumer services like voice and data communication, real-time access to information and entertainment over the Internet, and the ability to remotely pay for goods and services with virtual money. With CPDI, providers can bundle these services and deliver them on demand, with flexible payment options based on universal prepaid accounts.

Technology pioneers since 1992, CPDI offers a patented next-generation solution that can support voice, data, prepaid billing, debt recovery, and mobile money. One platform (no complicated integration of multiple technologies and databases) — one supplier — one support call.

With CPDI’s ‘pay as you grow’ scalability, systems can start small and expand as needed. We deliver the ideal solution with personalized service that enables local and independent service providers to strengthen customer loyalty and expand revenue generation beyond voice.

The opportunity for revenue growth is enormous, yet competition is fierce. With the stakes this high, consider CPDI.